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Siding options have varied over the years on the Outer Banks and the choice depends on the owner’s taste and budget. Cedar shakes, cedar lap & T-1-11 wood siding are the most traditional options and have protected homes here for years. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and withstands the wind, sun and sand well. As cedar ages, it may turn a darker color that is typical of our historic homes. Treating cedar with a sealer may slow the darkening process and prolong the life by preventing them from drying and cracking. Untreated cedar may last for years, and sealed or stained cedar usually last a little longer, depending on the exposure to the elements and maintenance. Wood siding is a good option for homes here.

Vinyl siding is an affordable and attractive option for many homes, In the past it was not uncommon for vinyl siding to blow off here during a strong storm. But, in recent years siding manufactures’ have developed products that are much more wind resistant. One of our favorites is CertainTeed’s Cedar Impressions. Cedar Impressions gives the look of cedar shake shingles without the maintenance. Vinyl siding that has been designed to withstand high winds is a good option for your Outer Banks home

Cement fiberboard is a fairly new product, also known as the brand name “Hardiplank,” that performs well here. Because it is a cement product it will not rot, although it will deteriorate if it is in constant contact with water. Cement fiberboard needs to be painted, but typically does not need to be repainted as often as wood. Since it does not rot and will not deteriorate, cement fiberboard is a very good option.

Water is the most damaging element to most types of siding and the walls they protect. If roofs and windows are maintained so that water is not allowed to enter, then rot can be prevented.

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